Sushi Miyuki Review


Courtesy of Sushi Miyuki

Sushi Miyuki, located in Meyerland Plaza, has a variety of cuisine from noodles to bento boxes to sushi rolls. It also features special rolls which are a bit more expensive than the regular sushi rolls, but still affordable and a great price for the quality. They also offer lunch specials and my personal favorite: the Crunchy Maki. I have been to Sushi Miyuki since I was in elementary because I lived so close to Meyerland Plaza, and I can say with confidence that they have kept up their quality over the years. The restaurant itself is small but cozy, and the ambience is calm and relaxing. It is perfect to eat by yourself or with a small group. It is very casual, for the drinks are self-served. Take out is also available as well. Overall, I would give Sushi Maki 5 stars.